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Gus: The Theatre Cat

Laura Cable as Jellylorum

Kevin Zak as Gus

National Tour of CATS

Troika Entertainment

Tangled: The Musical

Laura Cable as Mother Gothel

Jill Kerley as Rapunzel

Disney Cruise Line: Disney Magic

"I've Decided to Marry You" from A Gentlemen's Guide to Love and Murder'

Laura Cable as Sibella

Lesley McKinnell as Phoebe

Jeffrey Scott Stevens as Monte

"One Second and a Million Miles" from The Bridges of Madison County

Laura Cable as Francesca

Matthew Taylor as Robert

Mary Poppins

Laura Cable as the Bird Woman

Lauren Blackman as Mary Poppins

Westchester Broadway Theatre

Elmsford, NY

Damn Yankees National Tour

Laura Cable as Meg Boyd

Matthew Taylor as Joe Hardy

New Lola Productions


Laura Cable as Flower Lady

TUTS Theatre Under The Stars

Houston, TX

August: Osage County

Laura Cable as Karen Weston 

Elyse Knight as Barbara Fordham

White Plains Performing Arts Center

White Plains, NY

Laura Cable as:

Cruella DeVil in 'The Golden Mickeys'

Yzma in 'Villains Tonight!'

Mother Gothel in 'Tangled: The Musical'

The 39 Steps

Laura Cable as Annabella/Pamela/Margaret

Toby Miller as Richard Hannay

Sierra Repertory Theatre

Sonora, CA

In Una Tepida Notte

Bronson Norris Murphy as Growltiger

Laura Cable as Griddlebone

National Tour of CATS

Troika Entertainment





Listen.  Have I got a story for you...

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Laura Web 2015-0044.jpg

Production Shots

Production Shots

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Laura Web 2015-4311.jpg




---The 39 Steps---Sierra Repertory Theatre---


The Modesto Bee

“Laura Cable nearly steals the show as three young women who cross his path. First, she is a mysterious Eastern European spy who looks a bit like Greta Garbo, then she is a smart, no-nonsense blonde and finally she is a country girl haplessly married to a much older man."

Road to 1,000

“Our one female stands out as the most versatile performer on stage.  Cable’s ability to play a brunette, blonde, and red head in one show and give completely different personalities to them while still honoring the British humor genre is a credit to her training and theatrical awareness.”


---Mary Poppins--- Westchester Broadway Theatre---


"Feed the Birds a song in this musical to promote kindness features the haunting voice of Laura Cable as the Bird Woman, dueting with Ms. Blackman.  Ms. Cable’s scene with Ms. Blackman, like most scenes in this show is the magic that theatre is for and the only place where you see magic happen before your eyes."


---August: Osage County--- White Plains Performing Arts Center---

The Examiner

“The performances turned in by the trio of actresses portraying the three adult daughters in the family are also top notch, which make the clashes, power shifts and character transformations that drive the play engrossing, believable and gripping... Suzy Kimball, as the middle daughter, Ivy, and Laura Cable, as the youngest, Karen, also offer star turns as two women trying to escape into romantic relationships that ultimately bring them face to face with realities they- and anyone- would hope to never have to face.”


---Cats National Tour--- Troika Productions---

The People's Critic

“In Act II a very articulate (and understandable) Laura Cable plays Jellylorum, the cat who sings the lovely introduction to ‘Gus, the Theatre Cat’.”

Honolulu Pulse

“Bronson N. Murphy (Asparagus/Growltiger) and Laura Cable (Jellylorum/Griddlebone) are sweet and poignant in ‘Gus: The Theatre Cat,’ Then broadly comical as the stars of ‘Growltiger’s Last Stand,’ a parody of opera and 19th-century melodramas.”

The Examiner

“During a thoroughly entertaining evening replete with numerous significant solo and ensemble performances, several are worthy of special praise. They included those of: Laura Cable as Jellylorum and also Griddlebone singing an Italian aria with Murphy in the ‘Growltiger’s Last Stand’.”


---The Sound of Music--- Cabrillo Music Theater--- 

Stage Scene LA

“Michael G. Hawkins and Laura Cable furnish dandy support as the acerbic duo.”

Grigware Critic's Pick

“Laura Cable, Elsa Schraeder, envelops her sophistication and sings beautifully.”


---Damn Yankees National Tour--- New Lola Productions--- 

March 19, 2012- News Press Now!

“Cable’s powerful, moving vocals...”

February 3, 2012- Naples News

“Taylor and Laura Cable (Meg) share good chemistry and make the most of their scenes together, particularly ‘A Man Doesn't Know’ and ‘Near to You’."


---Guys and Dolls--- Westchester Broadway Theatre---

Times Herald-Record

“Laura Cable lends authority and humanity to General Cartwright who comes to close down the mission.”